Obtaining Permits for New Commercial Building

General Requirements
Prepare 4 sets of plans, each wet stamped / signed by the architect or engineer
Drawn scale is 1/4 " = 1 '
Paper size must be minimum 24" x 30"
Clarity must indicate the nature and extent of the work
Basis of design must meet the 2010 California Building Codes

Minimum Contents Within Plans
A complete plot plan wet signed by the Civil Engineer of Record showing:
  • Distances between all building(s) and property lines
  • Entire lot
  • Location and footprint of proposed building(s)
  • Location of existing building(s)

A foundation plan and details showing:
  • Anchor bolts
  • A soils report
  • Reinforcing steel
  • Sizes

A floor plan showing:
  • Location and sizes of all windows and doors
  • Room dimensions

A plan inclusion showing:
  • Locations and sizes of main electrical service panel
  • Locations of electrical receptacles
  • Locations of electrical sub-panel(s)
  • Locations of electrical switches
  • Locations of furnace or heating appliances
  • Locations of light fixtures
  • Locations of plumbing fixtures

A roof plan showing:
  • Sizes of all roof components
  • Spacing between all roof components

A framing plan showing:
  • Ceiling framing
  • Floor framing
  • Floor sheathing
  • Insulation
  • Interior finish
  • Location of shear walls
  • Related hardware (such as hold downs, straps, etc.)
  • Roof covering
  • Roof framing
  • Roof sheathing
  • Sizing and spacing of all beams, joists, studs, headers, and rafters
  • Wall framing
  • Wall sheathing

All elevations (views) showing:
  • All construction details (structural and architectural) of the building
  • All cross sections

Attachment Copies Required With Plans
Provide 2 copies of Energy Compliance forms and calculations (Title 24 Report)

Provide 2 copies of engineering calculations

Provide 3 copies of soils reports

Prior Steps Before Submission of Plans
  • Approval and wet stamp of plans by the City of Richmond Planning Dept: 510-620-6705
  • Approval and wet stamp of plans by the Sanitary District serving the property:
    • West County Waste Water District: 510-222-6700, or
    • Stege Sanitary: 510-524-4668, or
    • City of Richmond Waste Water District: 510-307-8091. (Projects within this district may be submitted prior to obtaining approval. Permit will not be issued until sewer district has stamped and approved.)

Step to do During Plan Check / Approval Review Process
Payment of a School District Fee and Obtaining of a Receipt for Submission
The fee is based on square footage and is levied on all new commercial buildings. The school district collects the fee and issues a receipt that must be submitted to the Building Department before permit issuance. Note: This fee shall not be paid until you have been contacted by a City of Richmond Permit Technician and informed to do so.