Home Repair

The City of Richmond operates a number of home repair and rehabilitation programs for Richmond residents. Eligibility requirements vary by program.

Emergency Loan Program

For homeowners with credit problems who require emergency repairs to their homes to ensure health and safety. Maximum loan amount of $15,000 with interest rate between 0% and 3%. Borrower must attend credit counseling. Certain income limits apply.

 For more information: (510) 307-8132

Home Improvement Loan Program

Maximum loan amount of $35,000 for home improvements. Interest rate ranges from 0% to 3% over 15 years. Certain income limits apply.

 For more information: (510) 307-8132 

Rental Rehabilitation Program

Rental housing owner borrows funds to upgrade existing substandard rental housing to safe, decent, and sanitary conditions. Owner's matching funds of 50% are required. Interest rate is 0% with no monthly payments. Loan becomes due in full in 10 years. Renters of units must meet income requirements.

 For more information: (510) 307-8132  

Seniors and/or Disabled Only
The following program is available to seniors and the disabled.

Deferred Loan Program

Borrower must be senior citizen or handicapped. Maximum loan of $20,000 at 0% interest rate for home improvements.

 For more information: (510) 307-8132.