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Health in All Policies (HiAP) Report

RICHMOND, California – The City of Richmond continues its leadership in working towards health equity with the release of its first Health in All Policies (HiAP) Report. Health in All Policies , or “healthy public policy,” is based on the idea that health starts with where people live, work, learn, and play, and that community health is influenced by more than individual choices. One’s physical and social environments, along with local government decisions and actions that shape these environments, have an impact on health outcomes.

The HiAP Report is a recap of the influence and progress of Richmond’s Health in All Policies ordinance and strategy and identifies how it will continue to grow over the next decade (R.M.C 9.15). It also tells three narratives of how the many efforts in Richmond – of the City, residents and organizations – are combining to impact core health concerns of residents. After a community development process that began in 2012, the first step for the City of Richmond in this process was to begin speaking the language of health equity and to understand the suite of City services, programs, data collection and policy development that could be coordinated to promote health equity.

HiAP Report Press Release
HiAP Report
Amended RMC Chapter 9.15 HiAP. Adopted: December 15, 2015

HiAP Strategy Document

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The City of Richmond Health Initiatives team works with departments on implementing actions identified in the Community Health and Wellness Element of the Richmond General Plan 2030 and promotes systems and policy changes that support the development of healthy neighborhoods. The team aims to build the City and community's capacity to improve health outcomes and promote health equity. The team is comprised of staff from various City departments and works with key partners to reduce health disparities in Richmond. 

Key partners include Contra Costa Health ServicesWCCUSD, and UC Berkeley

Funding and support provided by The California Endowment