Healthy RichmondBUILD

The RichmondBUILD Academy has expanded its very successful program model to go beyond training and employing graduates to now also include a healthy component that educates and empowers students to make healthier choices about their health, nutrition and life styles.

News Article:  "A Health Initiative for The City of Pride and Purpose"  by Melissa Chavez 

 The Healthy RichmondBUILD Initiative was developed to help combat some of the Health inequities that are faced by students attending the RichmondBUILD Academy.
RichmondBUILD staff and students at the Healthy Richmondbuild Fair
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RichmondBUILD students get into the healthy spirit!
A healthy community begins with healthy residents! The lack of resources, education, and opportunities are at the core of health inequities in many communities.

The City of Richmond's Best Practices Program continues to partner with various health organizations to present the annual RichmondBUILD Health Fair to its program participants and staff.
RichmondBUILD students climb the rock wall
RichmondBUILD student gets his glucose tested
RichmondBUILD students climb the rock wall!
RichmondBUILD students attend a healthy cooking workshop
RichmondBUILD student gets his glucose tested