Vinay Pimplé

After an M.A. in English Literature, a stint as a Software Engineer with Verizon in New York, and after securing a law degree from U.C. Berkeley, I moved to the North/East in Richmond in 2010. I availed myself of the vibrant nonprofit scene in Richmond, and volunteered with several organizations to serve our community. I continue to be a regular volunteer with Richmond Trees and Writer Coach Connection after my appointment to our City Council in 2015.

My appointment coincided with the downgrade of our city's bond rating by Moodys, which in turn cost our City in excess of 10 million dollars. Understanding that the City cannot provide good services without having good finances, I used my legal and Math knowledge to understand the City's financial problems, and become a voice for promoting financially sound policies. I worked to increase transparency and accountability within our City government. Understanding that education is the root of and the solution to many of our City's problems, I have worked with the school district to increase parental engagement and improve career opportunities for all our students.

I remain a friend of business to increase our City's revenue base, a friend to and volunteer for nonprofits to supplement already stretched City services, and most important, a tireless Council Member working with our community and City staff to provide our residents the services they need.