Rent Board

The Richmond Fair Rent, Just Cause for Eviction and Homeowner Protection ordinance provides for a five-member Rent Board (see Section 11.100.060 of the ordinance for details) whose members will be appointed by the mayor subject to three additional votes by City Council members.

Applications for the five Rent Board positions are now being solicited.


  1. Richmond resident (No citizenship requirements; no age limits).
  2. Applicants must declare if they own or manage rental property or are a licensed real estate professional. Only two of the five board members can own or manage rental property or be a licensed real estate professional.
  3. Any individual actually nominated by the mayor (not just applying) “shall submit a verified statement listing all of their interests and dealings in real property, including but not limited to its ownership, sale or management, during the previous three (3) years.”

Questions and Answers

  1. Is there compensation? Initially, no; possibly later. 
  2. Who makes appointments? The mayor appoints, and at least three city council members must approve the board.
  3. How does someone apply? The application form is available online: Please also download and complete the Rent Board Verified Statement: Rent Board Verified Statement.
  4. When does the Rent Board begin meeting? After January 1, 2017.