First Mile/Last Mile Transportation Strategic Plan

Project Contact: Lori Reese-Brown, City Manager’s Office, 510-620-6869

Project Description

The City is studying ways to enhance mobility within the Richmond community and between the city and everyday destinations throughout the region. The study will identify what strategies can be deployed to improve access to transit and connectivity across all types of travel. The outcome will be the First Mile/Last Mile Transportation Strategic Plan to focus transportation investments where they can have the biggest and most lasting impact.

The project team is led by the City Manager's office and includes the Local Government Commission (LGC) and NelsonNygaard, the transportation consultant that is preparing the plan. The effort is made possible with the support of a 2016-17 Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant entitled, “Richmond Integrated and Equitable Multimodal Mobility Plan,” awarded to the City in partnership with LGC.

 What does “first mile/last mile” mean?

Transportation trips can be understood as the entire journey from origin to destination –  for example, to and from work, school, medical appointments, shopping or entertainment. Individuals often utilize a number of types of travel to complete the journey. They may walk, drive, ride a bicycle, take a bus or train, or in many cases combine a number of modes. While bus and rail services might cover the core of such trips, users must complete the first and last portion by other means. They must first walk, drive or use another method to get to and from the nearest station or stop. This is referred to the “first mile/last mile” of the user’s trip.

Current Activity

Stakeholder listening sessions are underway and will be followed by community workshops this summer and fall to learn about mobility needs across different sectors and demographics, challenges that residents and employees of all ages and abilities face getting to and from destinations inside and outside the city, and barriers or gaps in the local transportation network, particularly across different transit systems.

Existing transportation conditions & potential strategies community workshop Thursday, September 28th at Richmond Memorial Auditorium.

NelsonNygaard is researching existing conditions and assessing transportation needs through site visits, data collection and analysis, and stakeholder interviews. This assessment will help determine the most effective strategies for improving first-mile/last-mile connections.



Inventory of Modern Practices

Existing Conditions and Needs Assessment