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City Manager

  1. Development Services Contact Form

    Connect with the City of Richmond's Development Services Division. We are here to help you! We are also available by phone... More…

  2. R-Transit Group Trip Request Form

    Use the form to schedule a group trip for registered clients

  1. Paratransit Satisfaction Survey

    Measure of client's overall experience with the R-Transit Service

  2. R-Transit Online Application

    Interested applicants can submit an application for service online.

Rent Program

  1. Interim 2017 Rent Program Enrollment Form

    To assist with Measure L compliance, landlords and owners of residential Rental Units located within the City of Richmond shall... More…

  2. Interim Excess Rent Complaint Form

    Purpose: In lieu of filing a civil action, a Tenant may file an administrative complaint. A Landlord who demands, accepts, receives or... More…

  3. Interim Online Notice of Termination of Tenancy

    Purpose: In accordance with RMC 11.100.060(s)(1), Landlords are required to file a copy of all tenancy termination notices with the... More…

  4. Proof of Service

    Purpose: Pursuant to RMC 11.100.060(s)(1) a proof of service with time and date of service shall be completed and filed with the Rent... More…

  1. Interim Agent Authorization Form

    This form may be used by a Landlord to authorize an agent to complete and file Richmond Rent Program forms on behalf of the Landlord.... More…

  2. Interim Notice of Rent Increase (Annual General Adjustment)

    Beginning December 30, 2016, the 2016 Annual General Adjustment for Controlled Rental Units is three percent (3.0%). Purpose: This... More…

  3. Interim Petition for Maximum Allowable Rent Increase or Decrease

    Purpose: Landlords and Tenants may file a petition for an increase or decrease in the Maximum Allowable Rent by completing the... More…

Richmond Art Center

  1. Richmond Art Center Survey

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to this survey. This survey will help us learn more about you and your engagement... More…

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