How You Can Save Paper

How You Can Save Paper 
Reducing paper use conserves trees, helps us use less fuel, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Not only does saving paper help the environment, it will also save money for your department and the City.

Strategies to Save Paper
o Think twice if you really need to print.
o Print double-sided. Set your printer settings to duplex. Call 621-1554 if you need help.
 o Use scratch paper for taking notes (i.e. in meetings, making to-do lists, etc.) Keep scratch paper in your workspace or create a scratch paper pile in your copy room for use. Use for taking notes instead of using fresh paper and notebooks.

o Review drafts on the computer. Press ‘Ctrl’ + scroll on your mouse to enlarge the text on your screen for easier viewing instead of printing a copy. Use the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word to keep track of electronic edits on circulating drafts.

o Conduct paperless meetings. Ensure meeting participants have electronic access to materials beforehand. If necessary, bring a few hard copies to the meeting that can be shared or circulated instead of printing out copies for all.

o Encourage others to save paper. One way to do this is to put this message at the bottom of your outgoing emails:

  P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

o Save PDFs as electronic files. Create PDF files from electronic documents and save on your computer instead of printing documents and filing them away. 

View more tips on saving paper from the World Wildlife Fund 

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