Purchasing Division

Welcome to The Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division initiates "Best Practices" in regards to the Richmond Municipal Code when enforcing the City purchasing methods, techniques and programs. Purchasing assists departments in the procurement of supplies and services for all City departments, while managing a competitive bidding process. 

How Does the Purchasing Process Work? 

All purchases begin with some form of written quotation, bid or proposal. Purchases of less than $3,000 require one quote that reflects a price that is fair and reasonable. Most of these purchases will be made using a CAL-Card (No on-site services on the CAL-Card). Any purchase made using a CAL-Card requires an itemized receipt and charges may not be made for goods that have not been shipped. Purchases of more than $3,000 require two vendor quotations. Purchases of more than $5,000 require three vendor quotations. Informal quotations may be used for purchases up to $50,000. Formal bids and requests for proposal are used for purchases above $50,000. The City Charter requires that purchases of more than $10,000 be approved by the City Council at a public meeting. 

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What does Purchasing Oversee?

  • CAL-Card Program
  • BidsOnline
  • Solicitation Development
  • Purchase Orders
  • Requisition & Contract Module
  • Vendor Creation / Maintenance 

How can I make sure my vendors are notified of solicitations?

The City of Richmond utilizes a bid management system, BidsOnline, which allows vendors to register online, receive automated service and commodity solicitations via email. Most solicitations informal and formal will be processed through BidsOnline.  

Does my vendor need a business license?

Yes, if they are located in, or perform services within City limits. If your vendor needs additional information regarding Business License please have them contact the Business License Division at (510) 620-6742.

How Does the City Make Payments?

Payment may be made by credit card at the time the product is ordered or picked up from the store. If a credit card number is not tendered at that time of purchase, the City will be paying for the ordered goods or services using a Purchase Order. Purchase Order numbers begin with "21" and are issued by the City's MUNIS financial system. For vendors to receive payment, have vendor send their invoices to the address for Accounts Payable given in the upper right hand corner of the Purchase Order document. The Purchase Order number must be included on all shipping documents, invoices and correspondence related to the order. Standard City payment terms are net 30 days. The City issues checks weekly, with payments mailed each Friday. The City pays by invoice, not by statement. For more information regarding invoices and payment, please contact Accounts Payable at (510) 620-6735.