Contracting for Services Class


Procurement Forms

Contract Preparation Forms - Legal Opinion, Short & Long Form Contract, Insurance, etc.

  • Sole Source
  • After the Fact Form  
  • Piggyback Approval Form (PDF)
  • Emergency Justification Form 
    • It becomes the responsibility of the using department to inform The Purchasing Division of the details of the transaction within twenty-four (24) hours or at the earliest possible time on the first normally scheduled work day following the emergency.
    • Please read full instructions on how to proceed with processing an Emergency form and what documentation needs to be forwarded to Purchasing following the Emergency.

Contract Routing Process

Obtaining Quotes

Procurement Checklists

o    Contract Checklist Form (PDF)

o    Contract Amendment Checklist Form (PDF)

o    Purchase of Product Checklist Form (PDF)

MUNIS Help & Instructions

Purchasing Policies & Procedures

  Vendor Forms

  Contract Compliance References

Training Materials
Doing Business with the City of Richmond Vendor Guide