Projects Under Construction

Richmond Wellness Trail Health and wellness-oriented bicycle and pedestrian project on Marina Way South and 16th Street. Envisioned through the National Parks Urban Agenda, implementation led by the Trust for Public Land, grant funding from the California Natural Resources Agency.

Richmond Greenway Gap Study
- Not a construction project but a current effort to develop a plan for short and longer term solutions to connect the east and west sections of the Greenway by addressing the "Gap" at 23rd Street. 

Cutting Blvd & Harbour Way South Bikeways Project - 2.2 mile quick-build protected bikeway project running from S Garrard Blvd to the Richmond Ferry Terminal. Construction scheduled for spring 2022. 

Castro Ranch Road Paving - Roadway improvement project using an innovative and environmentally friendly "cold in-place recycling" pavement treatment, where the removed asphalt is processed and reused on site. Project will include continuous bike lanes, pedestrian safety elements, and minor drainage improvements. Construction starts May 2021.

Carlson Crosstown Connection - Safe Routes To Transit project on Carlson Blvd and 22nd and 24th Streets, with pedestrian and bicycle improvements making it safer and more enjoyable to access transit such as AC Transit line 71, El Cerrito Plaza BART, and the Richmond Intermodal Station.

37th Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements - This project is substantially complete and includes pedestrian and bicycle-oriented safety improvements along 37th Street between Center Street and Cerrito Avenue, including bicycle lanes, upgraded curb ramps, and pedestrian count down signals at the intersections with Macdonald and Barrett Avenues. Partially funded by a Highway Safety Improvement grant.

Booker T. Anderson Community Center Restoration - Due to a significant fire in 2020, damaged portions of the community center will be repaired and reconstructed using similar materials and finishes as originally constructed while complying with current building codes.