In 2010, the City Council adopted an ordinance which set forth the criteria for permitting up to three (3) Medical Marijuana Dispensaries citywide. As of 2017, these three permits have been filled and no other permits will be issued.  Marijuana Businesses in the City of Richmond are regulated in Chapter 15 of the City's Municipal Code.  The regulations are available in Chapter 15.04.610.270 at the following link: 15.04.610.270 - Marijuana/Cannabis Commercial Uses.

Medical Marijuana Collective Application Process - UPDATE

As of Jan 1 , 2017, the process for medical marijuana cultivation and manufacturing permit applications has been transferred to the Planning and Zoning Department. Applications can be obtained at their office located at 450 Civic center Plaza. (510) 620-6706.

Please contact Sergeant Abetkov of the Richmond Police Department Regulatory Unit at (510) 620-6635 if you have any questions.