Neighborhood Councils

Find Your Neighborhood Council and City Council District

Enhance your neighborhood's sense of community by participating in your neighborhood council and help improve the livability, safety, and appearance of your area.

Use the interactive map below to the right to help you identify which neighborhood and City Council District you live in, or download a neighborhood council districts map:

Neighborhood Council City Services

Neighborhood councils will not be charged a facility rental or staffing fee for the use of a community center for regular council meetings and functions. Neighborhood councils also receive a one (1) time use of a park for their annual event (the use of the Convention Center and Swim Centers is not applicable).

Neighborhood councils also receive printing and mailing services, subject to funding availability as well as specification requirements. Please e-mail to coordinate your print job.

The City of Richmond also provides neighborhood dumpster days in partnership with neighborhood councils. Residents may drop off disposable items to dumpster locations in their neighborhood at no cost. When events are hosted in partnership with Sims Metal, neighborhood councils receive rebate donations for the metal recyclables that are brought in.

Neighborhood Council and Group Information

Get in touch with your neighborhood council or neighborhood group to get involved! View all available neighborhood council and group contact information:

The neighborhood council contact information, neighborhood council meeting information, and neighborhood groups listed below are based solely on submissions by the community. Some information may be outdated, and some groups may be inactive. E-mail to inform us of any incorrect information. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any of this information. This information is maintained as a courtesy to the public and neighborhood groups.

Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council (RNCC)

The Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council (RNCC) is the umbrella 501(c)3 organization for the many neighborhood councils in Richmond, California. Learn more about RNCC by visiting their website.

The purpose of the Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council is to:

  • Provide a forum through which representatives from the Neighborhood Councils can exchange or pool ideas on community issues and help to solve neighborhood problems
  • Direct and assist in the establishment and organization of Neighborhood Councils throughout Richmond, California.
  • Provide a forum where Neighborhood Council disputes can be mediated, if requested to do so by all immediate affected neighborhood councils including, but not limited to serving as the final arbiter of Neighborhood Council boundaries.
  • Coordinate actions among established Neighborhood Councils in Richmond, California.
  • Function as a source of information concerning public and private agencies, city government and the legislative process.
  • Engage in any activity that lawfully may be conducted by a corporation organized under the Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for Charitable Purposes of California.

Meeting Information

The Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council meets on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. Meetings are currently taking place on Zoom. Visit the RNCC website for Zoom information.

RNCC Contact Information

Visit the RNCC website for contact information.