Project Lists and Other Information

Project Lists

The following lists of planning projects are maintained by the Planning Division and are available for downloading. Projects in each list are grouped by the neighborhood council area. The lists are typically updated by planning staff every second Monday of the month.

Project Plans and Information
You can access the City of Richmond's eTRAKit database to search for more information on any planning project including project plans, reports, permits, conditions of approval and other relevant information. Project information can be searched by project number, name, parcel number (APN) or address.

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Please visit the City of Richmond's "Notify Me" page if you are interested in receiving an email notification when an update is made to the List of Planning Projects Currently Under Review. Follow these instructions to subscribe:

  1. Enter your email address and then click "Sign In"
  2. Scroll down and select the list name "List of Planning Projects Under Review"
  3. Follow the next set of on-screen instructions