Reporting an Issue

To report a nuisance violation or to request an investigation, call (510) 621-1279 or email the Code Enforcement Unit. When leaving a message, please provide a description of the violation and the location, your name and phone number so if needed we can clarify the issue as well as report back concerning what action(s) will be taken. If you prefer to remain anonymous please provide a detailed description of the violation and location. Due to staff reduction and Covid-19, our response to complaints will be delayed. All complaints received will remain strictly confidential.

Issues can also be reported online through the eTrakit website or CivicTrak mobile application. Citizens may then photograph an issue or concern and report it through the website or application. A copy of the photo, the issue described by the reporting party, and the location, will then go directly to Code Enforcement for review.

Emergency Situations

For emergency situations that threaten life or property and demand immediate attention, please call 911.