Why is the Census important?



  • The Census information is used to distribute more than $675 billion dollars in federal funds every year. 
  • The funds are mainly for: housing, education, transportation, employment and health care for our families and kids. 
  • About $77 billion dollars would be assigned for California


  • It is used to decide the

    number of seats each state has in the Congress and to draw electoral district boundaries.
  • If the population of California is under-counted, the state could lose one or two seats in the Congress.

Census 2020 Caravan, City of Richmond and City of San Pablo

On May 30th, the mayors of Richmond, Tom Butt, and San Pablo, Arturo Vargas, joined the Census 2020 Caravan that went through neighborhoods with low response rates, including Belding Woods, Iron Triangle, North Richmond, Santa Fe, and Coronado neighborhoods. The caravan had the objective of promoting awareness and sharing the phone numbers and website link to complete the Census 2020 questionnaire. The census caravan was done in collaboration with the City of San Pablo and supported by Community Development, Library, Community Services, and Richmond Fire Department staff.

Caravana del Censo 2020, Ciudad de Richmond y Ciudad de San Pablo

El 30 de mayo, los alcaldes de Richmond, Tom Butt, y de San Pablo, Arturo Vargas, se unieron a la Caravana del Censo 2020 y visitaron áreas de las ciudades que tienen un porcentaje más bajo de respuesta, incluyendo los vecindarios de Belding Woods, Iron Triangle, North Richmond, Santa Fe y Coronado. La caravana tenía el objetivo de promover el Censo y compartir con las y los residentes los números telefónicos y el link de internet para que contestaran el cuestionario del Censo. La Caravana fue una colaboración con la Ciudad de San Pablo y apoyada por personal de Desarrollo Comunitario, Servicios a la Comunidad, Bomberos y la Biblioteca.
If you need more information about the importance of the Census, please visit the following links: 

Impact in my Community, by the Census Bureau.

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