Investigations Division


Captain A. Walle



9:00 AM to 7:00 PM


RPD Star

Lieutenant J. Lopez



6:00 AM to 4:00 PM


About the Division

The mission of the Investigative Services Division (ISD) is to provide investigative expertise to our citizens and our patrol officers to enhance public safety. 

Detectives are responsible for developing follow-up leads, and for locating additional suspects, victims and witnesses.  Many times the detectives can help provide resources and services for crime victims and witnesses. 

Detectives also obtain and serve search warrants, obtain arrest warrants, and participate in the courtroom process.  Recovering and releasing stolen property, as well as finding and processing criminal evidence are major components of the RPD detective function.

The Investigative Services Division is committed to aid and support all law enforcement entities working projects in Richmond as we collaborate to serve our communities.


ISD is divided into three separate sections:

Forensic Unit

The Investigative Services Division also includes a Forensic Unit. The Forensic Unit consists of a highly trained detective whose primary function is to identify, collect, preserve and process evidence related to major criminal incidents. The Forensic Unit prepares evidence for the Crime Lab and presents evidence in court related to significant criminal events. The forensic detective coordinates the Crime Scene Investigation Unit (which operates in the Field Services Bureau) and provides updated training for officers regarding evidence and evidence-related issues.

Narcotics Unit

Narcotics traffic is not exclusive to the community of Richmond – drugs move into Richmond from surrounding communities, and likewise affects Richmond and its neighboring communities. Because our narcotics detectives work closely with detectives from all of the West Contra Costa agencies, their ability to affect drug trafficking on a much larger scale is enhanced. The Richmond PD narcotics detectives continue to investigate street-level narcotics issues, conduct follow-up investigations on Richmond cases and work with the District Attorney’s Office and the Richmond City Attorney’s Office to abate drug houses.