California Emergency Rent Assistance Program

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Information on this web page can be access on or by calling (833) 430-2122. The CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program helps income-eligible households with rent and utilities, both for past due and future payments. The federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 provides tenant (renter) protection laws and funding to support this program and was signed by Governor Newsom in January 2021.

How to Apply

1. Apply to get help with you rent 

Income eligible households who need financial assistance for unpaid rent and utilities will be able to apply for help through the California COVID-19 Rent Relief Program. Both renters and landlords can apply for assistance. Depending on the address of your rental property, you may be eligible for a local program. Apply Now Graphic Opens in new window

2. Check if you meet all eligibility criteria

RENTERS: If you have been impacted  by COVID-19, are income eligible (the state will calculate this when you apply) and have unpaid rent or utilities, or need help with future rent or utilities. 

LANDLORDS: If you have renters who are behind on their rent and need financial assistance to support this income loss, you may apply for the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program, so long as: 

  • Your renter's household is income eligible
  • All payments you receive must be used to satisfy the renter's unpaid rent. Eligible time frame for financial assistance dates back to April 1, 2020. 
  • Your renter/s must take steps to verify that they meet eligibility requirements and sign the application. They will be notified once your application submitted and asked to submit their required information. 

Income-eligible applicants may qualify regardless of immigration status and will not be required to show proof of citizenship.

3. Paperwork you will need


ONE of the following: 

  • Your tax return
  • 2020 W2 and 1099G if you were unemployed 
  • Current pay stubs 
  • Proof of participation in a state or federal subsidy program such as CalFresh or Cal WORKS (your 2020 or 2021 acceptance or renewal letter is preferred).


  • Utility invoices or statements for any unpaid utility, water, trash, and internet bills after April 1, 2020. 


ALL of the following: 

  • Lease or rental agreement reflecting renter's name, residence address, and monthly rent due
  • Rent ledger or rent statement showing the balance of unpaid rent from April 1, 2020
  • W-8 or W-9 (for tax purposes) 

If you have 10 or more tenants and would like to upload information for all of them at once when you apply, please access this link for the form.

Assistance paid directly to landlords through this program DOES qualify as income.

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Visit our COVID-19 Rental Information and Resources web page to learn more about your rights and responsibilities under the local and state rental laws.

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