Cutting Blvd & Harbour Way South Bikeways Project

This quick-build project will install 2.2 miles ofTwo-Way cycle track on S Garrard Blvd protected bike lanes along Cutting Boulevard, Hoffman Boulevard, and Harbour Way South. For most of the corridor, existing bike lanes will be consolidated on one side of the road into a "two-way cycle track" with a striped buffer separating the bike lanes from the vehicle lanes. The buffer will contain a combination of armadillos (like small curb stops) and soft-hit bollards, similar to previous projects on S Garrard Blvd and W Ohio Ave. On Cutting Blvd, surplus vehicle lanes will be removed to make room for the cycle track and additional parking will be added on the north side of the road. No lane reduction will be needed on Harbour Way South.

The project implements the award-winning Ferry to Bridge to Greenway Plan (PDF) which was adopted by Richmond City Council in February 2021. Funding comes from the CA Department of Transportation's Active Transportation Program and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission as well as developer fees and the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB1).

See 30% Drawings in the Ferry to Bridge to Greenway Plan Appendices (PDF)