New Councilmember Orientation Series

To welcome and thoughtfully onboard our newly elected Councilmembers Bana, Robinson, and Zepeda, City Manager Curl established a New Council Orientation Series of interactive meetings with staff. Commencing in February 2023, City staff members across various departments meet with the three new City Councilmembers to provide an overview on various projects, programs, priorities in the City of Richmond. Below is a description and link to the presentations provided.

To view the PowerPoint presentations, first click on the topic you wish to view and then click on the image of the presentation.

Municipal Finance and Budgeting

Finance staff provided an overview of municipal finances, the current (FY22-23) adopted budget and Capital Improvement Plan, the State Audit Corrective Action Plan, the budget calendar that guides the budget process, and the guiding fiscal policy that was adopted by the Richmond City Council.COS Budget Opens in new window