Facade Improvement Project


Project / Program Façade Improvement

Project Manager
Michael Williams

Project / Program Description
The Facade Improvement Program proposes to provide financial grants to eligible property owners and ground floor tenants. These grants will be usedto upgrade the appearance of storefronts in order to help create a positive retail environment in the Downtown 10A Project Area.

The target area is along Macdonald Avenue and along 23rd Street between Bissell and Costa.

The purpose of this program is to focus Agency efforts and resources in key areas in order to have a significant impact on this key redevelopment area. By focusing on these high impact areas, it is the Agency’s intent to stimulate additional economic development in the surrounding areas.

These $20,000 loans are forgivable and do not have to be repaid to the Agency, provided that a tenant or owner continues to occupy the space for five years. The loan will be forgiven in 20% increments on an annual basis such that at the end of five years there will be a zero balance.

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