How Is Public Purchasing Different From Private Purchasing?
The public procurement process, and the people involved, are subject to complete public accountability, regarding the proper expenditure of taxpayers’ money. Public purchasing must guarantee fair and open competition with equal opportunities for every supplier. A unique characteristic of public purchasing is the underlying principle that prices are not as critical as fairness and impartiality in obtaining them.

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1. How Can I Do Business With the City of Richmond?
2. Are All Purchases Made by the Purchasing Division?
3. How Does the Purchasing Process Work?
4. Do I Need a Business License?
5. May I bid If I Don’t Carry the Brand Listed On the Bid?
6. How Does the City Make Payments?
7. What Should I Do If I’m Confused?
8. Do Good Service and Quality Products Matter or Are Decisions Made Solely on the Basis of Price?
9. What Are the City’s Delivery Requirements?
10. When Are Change Orders Allowed?
11. How Are the City’s Emergency Purchases Handled?
12. How Is Public Purchasing Different From Private Purchasing?
13. When are Sales Calls Allowed?
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