Who turned me in?
We receive complaints from a number of sources including internal referrals, outside agencies and the general public. We do not give out the source of the complaints.

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1. What is the purpose of the Code Enforcement Unit and what services does it provided?
2. Am I required to display an address at my residence?
3. I have received a Notice from the City Code Enforcement Officer for violating one of the City Ordinance. I don't feel I was given enough time to correct the problem. What should I do?
4. What if the violation is not corrected within the specified time?
5. Who turned me in?
6. Am I required to have garbage service?
7. A property in my neighborhood becomes overgrown with tall weeds? Is there a way to make the owner maintain their property?
8. My neighbors have violations too. Why aren’t you investigating them?
9. What are setbacks and how do I determine mine?
10. The violation existed before I bought the property. Why am I responsible for clearing the violation?
11. A vacant lot in my neighborhood becomes overgrown with tall weeds. Is there a way to make the owner mow the lot?
12. A house in my neighborhood has various cars parked around it. Is this legal?
13. A Notice of Violation is recorded against my property. How can I get it removed?
14. How do I park legally?