Am I required to have garbage service?
Yes. It is the duty of every owner of any premises in the City to subscribe to and pay for the solid waste collection service.

Each owner of a premises shall start services within seven (7) days of the occupancy of a premises. If owner fails to start service, the collector shall give owner a written notification that such service is required. If service is not initiated within fifteen (15) days from the date of mailing of notice, then collector shall initiate and continue service for the owner.

It is the duty of every owner of any premises to maintain receptacles provided by the collector for receiving and holding all the solid wastes created or accumulated upon said premises between the times for the collection of the solid waste, and to deposit all such solid waste therein. All receptacles shall be kept in a sanitary condition at all times and shall not be placed within the limits of any street or other public place in the City, except that the owner of any premises shall place receptacles at the curb in a location reasonably convenient for semi-automated or automated collection on the regularly scheduled days established by the City or the collector for collection of solid wastes in the area.

Every owner of a single or multiple-family residential dwelling shall provide and keep receptacles of an adequate size and in sufficient numbers to contain, without overflowing, all the refuses generated by the dwelling residents within the designated removal period. The owner shall provide a minimum of one receptacle per family residential dwelling unit or the equivalent thereof as agreed between the owner and the collector pursuant to Richmond Municipal Code 9.20.170.

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