What happens to the evidence you collect?
All evidence is taken to the Richmond Police Department and booked into our evidence room. Property Technicians log every item (to include found property) and store it appropriately (refrigerated if necessary).

Every effort is made to reunite evidence and found property with its lawful owner. However, evidence determined to be relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation cannot be released until it has been determined if any charges will be filed with the court and/or a detective authorizes the release.
Statutes of limitations also determine how long evidence can be stored. The longest an item can be kept is 99 years (homicide evidence) and the shortest is about 2 years. Every few years, the Property Technicians conduct thorough inventories of evidence and property. Evidence and found property that is unclaimed and in good condition is catalogued and sent to public auction. Any money derived from the sale comes back to the Police Department.

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