Why is the Rental Housing Fee necessary?

The Rent Program is designed to be a cost-recovery department, meaning its operations will not require assistance from the City’s General Fund. Instead, the Rent Program will rely on the Rental Housing Fee to generate the funds necessary to provide services to landlords, tenants, and community members:

•    Counseling for Landlords, Tenants, and other community members in our office, over the phone, and by email – we are available Monday-Friday to answer any questions 

•    Monthly Community Workshops provide education to Landlords and Tenants about the requirements of the Rent Ordinance, Relocation Ordinance, and related policies and regulations

•    Print materials: PowerPoint presentations, notice templates, resource guides, fact sheets, etc.

•    Legal services referrals to community services agencies

•    A hearings and petition process (at no additional cost)

•    A mediation program (at no additional cost)

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1. Which properties are subject to the Rental Housing Fee?
2. How much is the Rental Housing Fee?
3. How can I pay the Rental Housing Fee?
4. When is the Rental Housing Fee due?
5. Does my Rental Unit qualify for the Rental Housing Fee for Governmentally-Subsidized Rental Units?
6. Are there penalties for late or nonpayment of the Rental Housing Fee?
7. I recently purchased a rental property. Whose responsibility is it to pay the Rental Housing Fee?
8. Why is the Rental Housing Fee necessary?
9. How was the amount of the Rental Housing Fee calculated?