What is the Homeless Taskforce, what are the Taskforce priorities, and when does it meet?

In 2017, the City Council established a homeless taskforce. A series of nine policy findings were established by a collaborative team of city, community members, non-profits, and the county to provide direction to Richmond on how to impact homelessness. These policy findings are utilized to develop an annual list of priorities for the City of Richmond. The homeless taskforce is open to the public and meets on the last Thursday of every month. During the pandemic the taskforce meets at 1:00 pm on Zoom. To be added to the contact list please email Taskforce coordinator Michelle Milam at mmilam@richmondpd.net 

Current Efforts: 

•    C.O.R.E Homeless Outreach Partnership with San Pablo – Richmond currently has expanded homeless outreach services to the unhoused community. In 2018 the city enacted a partnership with San Pablo, Contra Costa County Health, Housing and Homeless Services, to provide resource navigation and outreach to those experiencing homelessness. Services include intake, housing and shelter placement, health care referrals, mental health referrals, and during the pandemic assistance on COVID-19 testing in partnership with local healthcare providers. 

•    The City Council voted to establish a pilot interim sheltering project and directed the Planning department conducted an eight-month survey to study best practices on develop a Safe Parking Program. The City Council allocated $300K in lieu fees to launch the project, and is currently working to identify an appropriate site. 

•    The City has developed a partnership with the SOS (Safe Organized Spaces) Team. SOS is currently spearheading a Richmond Streets Team. The Streets Team employs unsheltered individuals to respond to homelessness and neighborhood streets impacted by dumping and encampments throughout Richmond. The team conducts neighborhood outreach with debris removal, sanitation and hygiene interventions, and community-building processes that lead to improved encampment conditions where unsheltered individuals reside and are supported to shelter-in-place.

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1. What does homelessness impacting the unsheltered community look like in the City of Richmond and what role does the City play in impacting it?
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7. What is the Homeless Taskforce, what are the Taskforce priorities, and when does it meet?
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