What services does the Rent Program provide?

The Rent Program provides an array of services to the community relating to the Rent Ordinance. Some of these services include: counseling and educational services for the public on the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, mediation services, referrals to community legal service providers, targeted outreach to Tenants and Landlords involved in Just Cause Eviction, administration of the Rent Adjustment Petition Process, community education workshops, and facilitating Richmond Rent Board meetings.

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1. What is the purpose of the Richmond Rent Ordinance and the Rent Program?
2. What responsibilities does a landlord have to be in compliance with the Richmond Rent Program?
3. What services does the Rent Program provide?
4. Are there any costs associated with Rent Program services?
5. Can the Rent Program provide me with legal advice or and/or advocacy?