Obtain a permit for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)?

First, you need to determine whether the proposed installation is on private or public property (or right of way). EVSE installations on private properties, both commercial and residential installations require only a building permit. To apply for a building permit visit our eTRAKiT system and follow the how-to submit a building permit application guide. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your building permit, please reach out to permittechs@ci.richmond.ca.us or call at 510-620-6868.  

 For EV-charging-specific building permitting requirements, refer to our website https://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/4125/Electrical-Vehicle-EV-Charging 

 EVSE installations within the public right of way, in addition to the building permit require also an encroachment permit for which the applicant must apply directly to the Engineering Division.  

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