What is the city's policy regarding construction road closures?

City of Richmond Road Closures

The Public Works Department expects that construction for improvements can be accomplished without closing any roadways. Two lane roadways work can be accomplished by keeping one lane open and using flag persons to direct traffic. For four lane roadways, work can be accomplished by keeping one lane open in each direction and relying on a traffic control plan to direct traffic through the temporary road configurations. In those two scenarios a Traffic Control Plan (TCP) is necessary.

In very rare cases a complete road closure may be necessary. If the work is planned construction (i.e. not an emergency) the planning of the road closure will be necessary. This may take many weeks or months to plan and implement a road closure. For those planning the road closure, three types documents will be necessary to permit the closing and staff may need to take the closure to City Council for their approval. The severity of the impact will dictate if the closure will be a consent item or a regular hearing. The following are the documents that should be prepared and the considerations for those documents:

1. Traffic Control Plan: The contractor has to provide a Traffic Control Plan (TCP). After this TCP is approved by Engineering (we can use a consultant), the contractor can move to the next phase, which is communication to the public.

2. Communications Plan: ANY communication to the public has to be reviewed and approved by Engineering prior to any distribution. If staff determines the plan to be appropriate, this approved communication will be shared with the CMO, CC Member of the district, appropriate Neighborhood Council, and the CC. We recommend the project proponent to retain a consultant to assist with outreach.

3. Public Information Documents: Up to three documents will need to be prepared for the public’s information, if this closure is approved, they have to spend a lot of time communicating with the residents and providing solution for:

• Driveway access

• Garbage pickup

• Mail delivery by USPS

• Package delivery (Amazon, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc)

• How disruptions to the Utilities (e.g. sewer service) will be handled (if applicable).

Residents need to have 2-week heads up at a minimum. Usually this is communicated with a) social media, b) door hangers and c) USPS mailing with 3 or more weeks in advance. In that communication, they explain:

• Scope of work.

• Benefits to the residents.

• Duration of the work.

• Work hours.

• What to expect (noise, dust, etc.).

• Detour plans.

• Access to their driveways.

• How the regular services will be provided (see list above).

• How RDP and/or RFD will have access to the area in case of an emergency.

• Contact person who resident can call to coordinate special needs (parties, family members that need special services – doctors appointments or nurse visits, etc.) or in case of emergency.

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