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Arts & Culture Division

  1. City of Richmond Artist Database

    The City of Richmond would like to create a database of artists available for art projects in Richmond. Please note: This survey is a... More…

  2. Large Commission Art Project RFQ/RFP Application

    We are looking for innovative artists to think “out‐of‐the‐box” to propose and create new artwork for outdoor public places.

  1. Implementation Questions - Arts and Culture Ordinances, Policies, and Procedures

    The City Council adopted the Public Art Program Ordinance and the Amendment to RMC 3.59 Arts and Culture Commission on May 18, 2021 and... More…

  2. Shields-Reid Park Public Art RFQ/RFP Application

    The City of Richmond is now seeking artists to apply for five unique public art opportunities for Shields-Reid Park in North Richmond.