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Richmond Art Documentation Project Request

  1. City of Richmond Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
  2. PUBLIC ART ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Richmond Art Documentation Project
  3. Post Opens: May 14, 2021
  4. Post Closes: June 30, 2021 @ 5:00 PM
    The City of Richmond, CA adopted a 1.5 percent for art ordinance (RMC No. 14.17 N.S.) in 1997. The Public Art in Private Development Program ordinance requires private developers to commit a minimum of 1% of the total construction cost to publicly accessible art on the proposed development site, or instead pay an in-lieu of fee that is then spent for additional public art in Richmond. The source of funds for this project is the 1% in-lieu of private developer contribution. The City of Richmond is seeking a professional to assist in an asset management task of organizing the art collection and preparing art inventory documents for insurance appraisal.

    The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC), City of Richmond, CA is committed to supporting public art and community‐based programming to support creative expression, spark dialogue and reinforce a sense of community.
    The City of Richmond is seeking 1 or 2 art researchers/writers/curators depending on skills to document existing public art works currently in the City of Richmond Collection. This documentation will require site visits to procure or confirm rough measurements, materials used, assess the current condition or maintenance needs, take photographs and input the data into an Excel spreadsheet. Other information, such as the source of the funding, artist(s), and date created or dedicated will be added through research of city files and/or employees. The total amount for this project is $10,000 and the art documentation should be completed within 6 months of the award of the contract.

    An additional task includes analyzing potential public sites as well identifying potential neighborhoods that are currently underrepresented with public art, as. This may mean meeting with Richmond Neighborhood Councils and other city officials to identify sites. This list of potentials should include needs or constraints of the site.

    The project should be complete in 6 months after award of contract.
    1. Written list of all artwork in the City of Richmond Public Art Collection to include the following information: location, medium, artist, date created, approximate size, funding source, current condition, any additional notes about the work or maintenance needs, and a picture to be used on the website and possibly printed in a catalogue.
    Excel Spreadsheet format will be provided.

    2. An additional list that outlines potential sites for future public art that assures that all areas of the city of Richmond, CA are represented in the placement of Public Art.

    3. Monthly reports will be made in written form to the PAAC by the second Tuesday of the month until completion of the project. Winifred Day, Arts and Culture Manager, will oversee the project.

    4. Final presentation to PAAC to be completed no later than January 31, 2022 in written form.
    The best candidates for this opportunity are familiar with public art projects, have experience in researching, cataloguing and assessing conditions and/or maintenance needs of artworks. Familiarity with photography and Microsoft Office required.

    Submit a brief outline of how you will approach this project, schedule, and budget allocation.
    Eligible: Any Richmond resident and/or any resident of the Bay Area counties with experience in research, photographing, cataloguing and assessing conditions and/or maintenance needs of artworks.

    Ineligible: "For-profit" (corporate entities) do not qualify for this grant. Current or past Richmond Art Commissioners (RACC), Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) members. (Eligible if there has been a two-year span since serving on either RACC or PAAC.) If you are an employee of the City of Richmond, and/or a relative of a Commissioner or any appointed official, you may not apply for this grant, as this relationship represents a conflict of interest.
    All qualifications/proposals received by the deadlines as established in the guidelines, will be reviewed for completeness and adherence to proposal submission guidelines. Proposals found to be eligible will be reviewed by PAAC committee.

    - The best candidates to be interviewed virtually by the PAAC committee

    - Decision for contract and project initiation - Aug 1, 2021
    Deadline: June 30, 2021

    What to submit:
    ___ Statement of Interest detailing past experience and skills that are applicable to the job described.
    ___ Submit a brief outline of how you will approach this project, schedule, and budget allocation.
    ___ Resume or CV highlighting qualifications for the job described.
    ___ Examples of past documentation or catalogue work
    ___ Proof of residency

    These submittals should be in electronic form and submitted online.
    Questions may be directed to: or (510) 620-6952

    For more information on the history of the Richmond Arts and Culture Commissions and the Public Art program, please go to:
    Please note that if your proposal is selected for a grant award, you will be required to comply with additional requests for required information and/or documents prior to receiving grant funding, including but not limited to:

    1. A signed contract with a Purchase Order and Contract number
    2. A City of Richmond business license (fees are not reimbursable). Fees typically are approximately $295.00
    3. A Tax Form W9
    4. An invoice from candidate to the City of Richmond requesting payment
    5. Proof of insurance, as requested
    6. A COVID 19 Plan to meet requirements for in person meetings and activities, including but not limited to social distancing (6 feet between participants), wearing masks and gloves, limited team/volunteer in person meetings, and disinfecting materials and spaces as needed, etc.)
    7. The awarded candidate will be assigned a PAAC liaison as well as working with the Arts and Culture Manager, who will be available to assist and support you through the duration of a successful public art project.
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