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1. Will City Council meetings still be held? How can we watch them?
2. Will public safety response still be the same? Will we have access to fire, police, and other emergency services?
3. Will public spaces (e.g. parks, walking trails) still be open/available?
4. Will my garbage/recycling be picked up like usual?
5. Is street sweeping still happening during this time? Do we need to move our cars?
6. How do I get student or senior meal services?
7. Will paratransit services still be available?
8. Will public transit still be available?
9. I own my business/work alone/work with limited people. Is my business affected by the “shelter-in-place” order?
10. Who do we contact if we have any other questions or concerns?
11. For questions about the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order?