Sustainable & Continuous Play

Building Blocks for Kids Richmond Collaborative and parents from the Belding Garcia neighborhood hosted free sports and fitness activities during the summer 2014 in the Belding Garcia Park. The parents were so inspired with their new park remodeled in October of 2013 that they decided to continue the momentum. The parent group was also part of West Contra Costa Unified School Districts summer feeding program serving daily lunches. 

  • Day 1 of Programming: June 9, 2014: 92 children were served lunch in the park 
  • July 14, 2014: 167 children were served lunch in the park, 19 adults participated in a one hour Zumba class, 20 adults and children participated in a one hour yoga class
  • The average daily count of children coming to the park was 100
  • Lunch was served Monday-Friday all summer = Total of 49 play days
  • 49 days x 100 kids per day = 4, 900 visits to the park 
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