Community Needs Assessment

Strategic Investment Plan Input Form Now Available!

The City of Richmond’s Department of Children and Youth (RDCY) invites all community members and service providers to complete the following input form by 11:59pm on Monday, November 30th:

The purpose of this survey is to receive your input on:

  • Emerging challenges facing Richmond/North Richmond youth and their families
  • Geographic areas and neighborhoods of Richmond/North Richmond that will benefit most from increased resources
  • Populations of Richmond/North Richmond that will benefit most from increased resources
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Draft Community Needs Assessment Report and Investment Options Brief Now Available!

The Richmond Department of Children and Youth (RDCY) is excited to share its Draft Community Needs Assessment Report. Following months of interviews, focus groups, surveys, and community forums, RDCY and Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates have compiled data, comments, and emerging themes that address the needs and gaps in service for Richmond and North Richmond youth.

The Draft Investment Options Brief can also be found here. This document act as a bridge between the Community Needs Assessment and Strategic Investment Plan. 

This Investment Options Brief: 

  • Identifies a number of options for funding areas that reflect the themes and priorities identified in the Community Needs Assessment 
  • Illustrates these options with sample approaches and strategies that may be funded in the Strategic Investment Plan
  • Discusses the populations that could likely be positively impacted by investments in these areas 

RDCY staff would like to thank all community partners for their feedback! RDCY staff will continue to update the Draft Community Needs Assessment Report to incorporate community feedback.  If you have any questions, please contact us at  or 510-620-6523.

Draft Community Needs Assessment Report
  1. Vision and Guiding Principles
  2. Documents
  3. Focus Group training

The Department of Children and Youth is committed to incorporating community voice and has created a vision and set of guiding principles for the Community Needs Assessment. 

Vision Statement

The City of Richmond’s Department of Children and Youth will implement a needs assessment and strategic planning process that honors community voice, including a diverse range of youth and adults alike to develop a comprehensive, equitable investment plan that reflects community vision.

Guiding Principles

  • Community assets are our core strengths
  • Richmond residents are experts in their lived experience and have valuable insight to share
  • We center the needs and dreams of children and youth
  • We value collaboration and shared ownership
  • We believe considerations of race and equity are critical to this process
  • We will be inclusive of all ages, races, ethnicities, gender expressions, languages, and abilities/disabilities
  • We will communicate in a way that is accessible and easy to understand
  • We believe all voices should contribute and encourage participants to bring their full, authentic selves to this process
  • We believe it is important to be (1) innovative and flexible and (2) transparent and accountable 
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