Siren System and Emergency Information

Current Alerts

Visit CWS Alerts or follow them on Twitter @CoCoCWS

Siren Map

For siren map and information, visit the Contra Costa County Community Warning System website.

Sounding the Warning

The County's Community Warning System is designed to notify the public in case of toxic spills, floods, fires, and other disasters. This flow chart demonstrates how the system would work in the event of an industrial chemical spill:

Local Radio & Television Network Affiliates

The CWS has coordinated with local radio and television stations to broadcast emergency information in the event of a disaster. Currently, the CWS is linked to five TV and 13 radio stations. These are the station to listen to when your hear a safety siren alert:

  • KCRT Television - Channel 28 (Comcast) and Channel 99 (AT&T uVerse)
  • Channel 4 (NBC)
  • Channel 5 (CBS)
  • Channel 9 (PBS)
  • Contra Costa Television (CCTV) - Channel 10, 18, 19 or 27 depending on area

Radio Stations
  • KCBS AM 740
  • KATD AM 990
  • KFRC AM 610
  • KEAR FM 106.9
  • KOIT FM 96.5
  • KFRC FM 99.7
  • KQED FM 88.5
  • KSTN FM 107.3
  • KROW FM 104.1
  • KYCY FM 93.3
  • KZWC
  • Shadow News Services
  • Metro News Service 

Contact Information
If you have questions, contact:
440 Civic Center Plaza
Attn: Office of Emergency Services
Richmond, CA 94804
510-620-6866 (Non-Emergency Phone Number)