Commuter Benefits Ordinance

The City of Richmond is committed to protecting and preserving the environment to ensure the safety and welfare of residents, employees, and visitors. As part of this commitment the City of Richmond adopted a Commuter Benefits Ordinance to encourage the use of commute modes such as public transit, ride sharing, bicycling, and walking. Such commute modes are designed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and other air pollutants to protect public health and climate.
The Richmond Commuter Benefits Ordinance requires all registered businesses in Richmond that have ten (10) or more employees who work an average of at least ten (10) hours per week to offer one of the following:

Option 1: A Pre-Tax Election: A program, consistent with Internal Revenue Code 132(f), allowing employees to elect to exclude from taxable wages and compensation, employee commuting cost incurred for transit passes, vanpool charges or bicycle commuting, up to the maximum level allowed by federal tax law, currently $230 per month for transit and vanpool and $20 per month of bicycles.

Option 2: Employer Paid Benefit: A program whereby the employer supplies a transit pass or reimbursement for equiva-lent vanpool charges at least equal in value to the purchase price of the adult monthly transit pass for the local transit agency system(s) requested by each employee to complete the trip to the workplace.

Option 3: Employer Provided Transit: Transportation furnished by the employer at no cost to the employee in a vanpool, bus or similar multi-passenger vehicle operated by or for the employer.

Option 4: An alternative commuter benefit which must be pre-approved by the City of Richmond.

If business has 50+ employees in the City of Richmond and/or across all sites in the Bay Area, the employer must register with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program administered by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and Metropolitan Transportation Commission. For more information visit


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