Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Unlike conventional hybrids, Plug-In hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) have both an electric motor and internal combustion engine. PHEV batteries can be charged by plugging into an outlet which allows them to drive extended distances using just electricity. Once the battery is depleted, the conventional engine turns on and the vehicles operates as a non-plug-in hybrid.

Battery electric vehicles (BEV’s) operate solely on electricity and are charged by plugging into an outlet or charging station. Since BEV’s do not utilize gasoline or diesel and are powered by electricity they are considered all electric vehicles.

Range-Extended Electric Cars (REEV, EREV, or REx) run solely on the energy from their batteries until the charge gets low. Once the charge is low, the gasoline engine switches on to recharge the battery. Range-Extended vehicles can be recharged or filled with gasoline.
Charging Levels
   Input Volt-
age (VAC)
Input Current
Input Power
Charge Time
Level 1 120 <=16 <=2 8-14 hours
Level 2 208/240 <=80 <=20 4-8 hours
Level 3 480 125+ 60+ 15 min-1 hour

Public Use Charging Stations

You can now charge your electric vehicles around the City of Richmond. Please note that some charging stations are free to charge, and some are fee-based. Rates are subject to change based on private station owners.

To find residential chargers, public stations, high power stations or stations currently in use visit www.plugshare.com

For more information on charging stations and current pricing visit www.chargepoint.com

Richmond Art Center
2540 Barrett Avenue
Richmond, CA

Number of Chargers:
3 Hours: Always Open

Charger Type

Level 1, NEMA-5-20R J1772, 1.9 kW
Level 2, J1772, 6.6 KW


Pricing is based on energy consumption

Hilltop Mall
2200 Hilltop Mall Rd.
Richmond, CA

Number of Chargers: 2 Hours: Always Open
Charger Type
Level 2, J1772, 6.6 kW
Rates: Based on Energy $0.49/KWh (Min. $1.00)
Pricing is based on energy consumption
Hanlees Hilltop Nissan
3277 Auto Plaza
Richmond, CA

Number of Chargers: 2 Hours: 9 am—9 pm
Charger Type
DC Fast: CHAdeMO, 1 port
Level 2: J1772, 1 port

Rates: Contact Nissan Dealership at 510-222-4900

Kennedy Swim Center

551-599 45th Street, Richmond CA

DC Fast Charger


Richmond Family Justice Center

256 24th Street, Richmond CA

 Level 2 Charger

WCCC Family Justice Center

Richmond Civic Center

325 Civic Center Plaza (on Nevin Avenue)

Level 2 Charger

City Hall Library Location