Recreation & Parks Commission

The Mission of this Commission is to advise the City Council and City staff so as to provide excellent parks and recreation facilities, to preserve open space and to provide programs that enrich, educate and serve the needs of the diversity of the residents in Richmond.

**Emergency notice due to Covid-19 crisis mode operations:

Until further notice, all Recreation and Parks Commission meetings and work sessions will be held via Zoom online meetings.

The Commission continues to welcome your participation in our meetings and we want to be very clear on how you can stay connected to our meetings and express your needs and questions.

To participate:  send an e-mail to requesting the ID and password for the meeting you want to attend.  Your message must contain your telephone number.  

If you would like to speak in open forum or on any topic on the published agenda, you must write your statement in your e-mail and refer to the item under which you would like to speak, for example:


"I want to ask how my family can have a party at the picnic tables at Nicoll Park without getting in trouble."



"I want to ask where I can get a free day care on second shift (4 until 11)."

All questions will be answered, either during the meeting or in a return e-mail.  All meetings of the Recreation and Parks Commission are open to the public and we welcome and encourage your input. We are exercising these security measures to guard against malicious hacking of our meetings where we would like to inform you, hear from and help you.  And to keep our safe distance.  We can work together during these unusual times!

Check the city calendar for our next scheduled Recreation and Parks Commission meeting.

Thank you for your understanding.

Maryn Hurlbut, Chair

Meet the Recreation and Parks Commissioners

Maryn Hurlbut, Chair Maryn hurlbut     

Starting her information technology career at IBM in 1966 while attending one of the first Computer Science Degree programs in the US at the University of Rochester in NY, she has designed and managed many ground breaking projects for various government and international organizations. 

She is the mother of five sons in a blended family who designed, completed and “Adopted” the Hurlbut Tennis and Garden Park (the grounds around the Plunge pool in Point Richmond) with her husband Garry (CEO of the Richmond Tennis Association).

Her community service goal is to improve the quality of healthy, active lifestyles for all residents of Richmond through innovative thinking/action.Joey Smith

Joey D. Smith, Vice-Chair               

Richmond, CA has much to offer those who live, work and/or play here.  I am honored to be one of the stewards for our city’s parks, community centers & public facilities while serving as a liaison for our community and city council.

Brendan Havenar-Daughton, Secretary Brendan HDaughton

Born and raised in Oakland, Brendan is passionate about the diverse East Bay culture that has helped shape his worldview. As a long time student of sustainability, Brendan’s experience ranges from sustainable agriculture and tropical reforestation in Central America to energy efficiency project management here in the Bay Area. Brendan believes that Richmond parkland is one of the greatest municipal treasures the City has to offer our community - so get out and enjoy it!

Remi PayneRemi Payne,Treasurer 

As a Rec. and Parks Commissioner I will respond to residents’ demands for safe and clean parks and recreation centers. My goal is to collaborate with non-profits to aide the cities rapidly growing homeless population encamped on park grounds and surrounding areas. I look forwarding to building a network with my Fellow Richmond residents to beautify our neighborhoods and parks.


Soheila Bana

soheila bana


Soheila Bana is a longtime resident of Richmond as she admires the natural landscape and diversity of the area. Soheila enjoys volunteering her time for humanitarian causes. She is a mother of two who makes a living as a professional engineer and also as a real estate agent.

Allison Blakeley    

Allison Blakeley

Growing up in Berkeley, Allison started volunteer work as a teenager, in the Berkeley Public Library and the Headstart program, has also done volunteer work for Project Open Hand, Ronoh School; and presently for the Oakland Museum Women’s Board White Elephant Sale and other organizations.

Although she makes her living as a performing violinist in the so-called “Freeway Philharmonic” of the Bay Area, her interests are wide and varied, her education including philosophy, linguistics, and psychology; she also enjoys history, nature, ecology, photography, art, and organic gardening, expects to be a lifelong student, and tries to have a positive impact for the world, people, animals and plants.

               Pardip Saini

Pardip Saini

I am passionate about community service and preserving our park assets for future generations

 to enjoy.

Eleanor Thompson               

Eleanor Thompson

I love Richmond.  I have lived in this city over 50 years and I am serving on the Recreation and Parks Commission because I love serving the people of Richmond.

Parks by Recreation and Parks Commissioner:

As of 4/1/20

Maryn Hurlbut (Chair) Area 1:                                               Neighborhood Councils

Janice Play lot                                                                                    Point Richmond

Judge Carroll Park                                                                             Point Richmond

Point Richmond Civic Triangle                                                           Point Richmond 

Point Richmond Community Center                                                   Point Richmond

Hurlbut Tennis & Garden Park                                                           Point Richmond

Kenny Park                                                                                        Point Richmond

Municipal Natatorium-The Plunge Pool                                             Point Richmond

Nicholl Park                                                                                       Richmore Village/Metro Square

Point Molate Beach Park                                                                   Point Richmond

Richmond Recreation Complex                                                         Richmore Village/Metro Square

Brendan Havenar-Daughton Area 2:

Bay Vista Park                                                                                    Hilltop Bayview, Hilltop Village

Country Club Vista                                                                               

Fairmede Park                                                                                    Fairmede Hilltop

Hilltop Green Park                                                                              

Hilltop Lake Park

Hilltop Park

Parchester Park & Community Center                                              Parchester Village

Pardip Saini (Treasurer) Area 3:

Abraham Braxton Park                                                                      Laurel Park

Booker T. Anderson Jr. Park & Community Center                            Parkview

Central Park                                                                                       Richmond Annex

Huntington Park                                                                                 Richmond Annex

Mendocino Play Lot                                                                           Richmond Annex

Monterey Play Lot                                                                              Southwest Annex

Richmond Senior Annex                                                                    Richmond Annex

Allison Blakeley Area 4:

La Moine Park                                                                                    May Valley

May Valley Community Center                                                           May Valley

Mira Flores (under construction)                                                        Park Plaza

Rain Cloud Park                                                                                 El Sobrante Hills

Kern Play Lot                                                                                      Richmond Heights

Humboldt Park                                                                                    Richmond Heights

Tilller Park                                                                                           Richmond Heights

Mira Vista Park                                                                                    Richmond Heights

Remi Payne Area 5:

Barbara and Jay Vincent Park                                                             Marina Bay

JFK Park                                                                                              Park Plaza

Lucretia Edwards Park                                                                         Marina Bay

Martin Luther King Jr. Center and Park                                               Coronado

Marina Bay Park (Rosie the Riveter Monument)                                 Marina Bay

Richmond Swim Center                                                                       Park Plaza

Shimada Friendship Park                                                                    Marina Bay

Virginia Play Lot                                                                                  Coronado

Eleanor Thompson Area 6:

Burg Park                                                                                           North and East

Humphrey Play Lot                                                                            North and East

North Richmond Ball Field

Shields Reid Park & Community Center                                           Shields-Reid

Wendell Park                                                                                     North and East

Joey Smith Area 7:

Richard J. Boyd Park                                                                        Atchison Village

Belding-Garcia                                                                                  Belding/Woods

Boorman Park                                                                                   Cortez/Stege

Civic Center Plaza                                                                             North and East

DPRC Developing Personal Resources Center                                North and East

Elm St. Play Lot                                                                                 Iron Triangle

Lucas Park                                                                                         Iron Triangle

Nevin Park & Community Center                                                       Iron Triangle

Santa Fe Union Park                                                                          Santa Fe

Senior Center                                                                                     North and East

Sheridan Point Park                                                                           Iron Triangle

Southside Community Park                                                               Santa Fe

Stewart Park                                                                                       Iron Triangle

Veterans Memorial Park                                                                     Iron Triangle

Soheila Bana & Brendan Havenar-Daughton Area 8:

Richmond Greenway Entrances and Parks

Unity Park

Dirt World

Harbour 8


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