Automated Phone Inspection Scheduling System

The City of Richmond has updated its permit inspection scheduling to include an Automated Phone Inspection Scheduling System. This update allows customers to schedule or cancel inspections and to retrieve inspection results via touch-tone telephone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Automated Phone Inspection Scheduling System is now in place and will help streamline the City’s inspection scheduling process. Using a touch-tone telephone, customers should dial the Inspection number (800) 231-6881 and follow a series of prompts by touch tone to schedule or cancel an inspection or to retrieve inspection results.

Please view or print instructions to schedule or cancel an inspection.

Additional Information for Final Inspections

Please note that some projects require approval and a subsequent sign-off by agencies other than the Building Division. You are required to obtain these sign-offs on your permit card prior to scheduling your Building Division final inspection.

Depending on your project work scope sign-offs from any or all of the following agencies may be required:

  • Fire Department: 510-307-8031
  • Planning Department 510-620-6706
  • Health Department 925-692-2500
  • Engineering 510-307-8091
  • Sanitary District:
    • Richmond 510-620-6594
    • Stege 510-524-4668
    • West County 510-222-6700
    • Water Resource Recovery 510-620-6594
*If your projects approved plans include an approval stamp by any of the above agencies then sign-off by that agency on your permit card is required before scheduling your Building Division Final inspection.

Have Questions?

Please call 510-620-6868 and speak to a Permit Technician or Building Inspector. Additional information may also be found at the Building Division Site.

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Automated Phone Inspection Scheduling System Flyer