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R-Transit Group Trip Request Form

  1. R-Transit Group Trip Request
  2. All group trip requests should be submitted 10 business days in advance.
  4. R-Transit service area includes the Cities of Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, North Richmond, El Sobrante, and Kensington, as well as unincorporated communities of East Richmond Heights, Bayview-Montalvin, Hasford Heights, Rollingwood, and Tara Hills. Service is available as far as North as Doctor's Hospital in Pinole and as far South as El Cerrito Plaza in El Cerrito.
  5. First available pick up is 9:30 am
  6. Last return time available is 3 pm
  8. For capacity reasons, select the mobility type of each passenger and if he/she will be bringing any mobility aids on board.
    Note: Wheelchair Size is measured by the width of the wheelchair. The width should include the outside of the tires.
  9. For additional passengers, please fill out another group trip request form.
  11. One (1) attendant is allowed to ride free with up to six paying registered passengers. Two (2) attendants are allowed to ride free with seven or more paying registered passengers. Additional attendants & guests may accompany passengers if space is available and will be required to pay individual fares.
  12. Additional attendants are subject to pay individual fares.
  13. All guests are subject to pay individual fares.
  14. An R-Transit scheduler will contact the trip coordinator to confirm the trip within 3-5 business days of receiving the trip request. To cancel the trip, the trip coordinator must contact R-Transit within 3 business days of the planned trip. All cancellations after 3 business days will be subject to full fare. A new group trip request form must be filled out if you wish to modify the passenger list. All modifications must be made 3 business days prior to scheduled trip.
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