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File a Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy

  1. Purpose
    This form shall be used by Landlords and Authorized Agents to file a Change in Terms of Tenancy with the Rent Program. In order to comply with RMC 11.100.060(s)(1), a Proof of Service with time and date of service must be included with the copy of the notice filed with the Rent Board.
  2. NEW!
    This form may be used to file a notice of a change in terms of tenancy for MULTIPLE Rental Units. List each Rental Unit below or, if there are more than five (5) Rental Units receiving notice of a change in terms of tenancy, upload an Excel file with all required fields.
  3. Property and Tenant Information
  4. If a Landlord seeks to file notice of a change in terms of tenancy on more than five (5) Rental Units, they may list ALL Tenants and Unit # or Unique Address in a separate Excel sheet and upload it below. Please note: only sheets in Excel format that match the fields identified below will be accepted. (Alternatively, this online form may be completed and submitted multiple times.)
  5. Change in Terms of Tenancy
  6. Signature
    Declaration: I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that this information and every attached document, statement and form is true and correct. I certify that this property is in compliance with all provisions of the City of Richmond’s Fair Rent, Just Cause Eviction, and Homeowner Protection Ordinance, including, but not limited to, payment of all applicable registration fees and penalties. All rental properties within the City of Richmond must be enrolled with the Rent Program, and pay the accompanying annual fee. I attest that these fees will be paid when invoiced by the City of Richmond.
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