The Commission is designed for an 11-member capacity. The Commissioners, all volunteers, are appointed by the Mayor of Richmond with the concurrence of the Richmond City Council to serve four-year terms. New applicants who wish to become active advocates for the arts in the Richmond community are encouraged to apply for vacant seats. Commission meetings are also open to the public.

Members of the Richmond Arts and Culture Commission are also members of the Public Arts Advisory Commission.

Staff Liason: Winifred Day

Current Commissioners

Lynson Beaulieu, Chair
Phillip Mehas
Melody Kozma-Kennedy
Carole J. Porter
Ted Bell
Kaelen Van Cura
Arleide da Silva Santos
  1. Lynson Beaulieu
  2. Phillip Mehas
  3. Melody Kozma-Kennedy
  4. Carole J. Porter
  5. Ted Bell
  6. Kaelen Van Cura

Lynson Beaulieu, Chair

Lynson is a resident of the city of Richmond. Since 2019, she has served as a Commissioner for the City of Richmond’s Arts and Culture Commission (RACC). In July of 2022, she took on the chairmanship of the Commission. In her service, Lynson recognizes and promotes the power of art to improve the quality of life for the City’sresidents. Richmond’s thriving public art scene includes over 300 original works of art currently scattered across the city in myriad publicly accessible locations. Lynson practices a number of different art forms herself and is an enthusiastic collector of art.