Veolia Services


Veolia Water North America is responsible for:

  • Operation and maintenance of the City's wastewater treatment facility.
  • Operation and maintenance of the sewer collection system.
  • Operation and maintenance of the stormwater collection system.
  • Emergency response for sewer problems and odors.
  • CIP construction services.

Veolia Water 
601 Canal Blvd.
Richmond, CA  94804

Odor Hotline/24hr Emergency Number


Bay Area Air Quality Management

24-Hour Odor Hotline 800-334-ODOR (6367)

City of Richmond
Wastewater Division

450 Civic Center Plaza 
Richmond, CA 94804 
510-307-8091 Phone 
510-307-8116 Fax

Veolia Contract & Amendments
Veolia Original Contract
Contract Amendment #1
Contract Amendment #2
Contract Amendment #3
Settlement Agreement
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