Bikeway Facilities

The City of Richmond currently has approximately 12 miles
of on-street bikeway facilities and 20 miles of multi-use paths,
consisting of approximately:
28.6 miles of Class I multi-use paths
6.7 miles of Class II bike lanes
5.3 miles of Class III bike routes

Class I: Bike Path/Shared Use Path
These facilities provide a completely separate right-of-way and
are designated for the exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians with crossflow by motorists minimized.

Class II: Bikeway
Bike lanes provide a restricted right-of-way and are designated
for the use of bicycles with a striped lane on a street or
highway. Bicycle lanes are generally five feet wide. Vehicle parking and vehicle/pedestrian cross flow are permitted.

Class III: Bike Route
Bike routes provide a right-of-way designated by signs or pavement markings for shared use with pedestrians or motor vehicles. While a basic Class III route may be simply have signs and markings, a Bicycle Boulevard is a special type of shared route that optimizes bicycle travel. Bike boulevards can have a variety of traffic calming elements to improve safety and comfort for bicycles.
Sharrows: A shared-use arrow (or “sharrow”) can be marked in the outside lane on a Class III route to show the sug-gested path of travel for bicyclists. This is often done when the route has on-street parking, in order to encourage cy-clists to ride a safe distance away from the parked vehicles’ “door zone.” The sharrow can also be used at intersections with multiple turn lanes to show bicyclists the recommended lane for through travel.

The Bicycle Network map shows locations for all existing bikeways: