Marina Bay Parkway Force Main Relocation Project

Project Flyer

The Marina Bay Parkway Force Main Relocation Project will reconfigure existing sewer piping within the intersection of Pierson Avenue and Marina Bay Parkway to reduce the potential for sanitary sewer overflows that have occurred within this intersection during severe rainfall events. The force main extension on Marina Bay Parkway will be completed using either open trench or direct drilling methods. New gravity piping across the Pierson Avenue intersection will be installed using open trench methods. Sanitary sewer service to homes within the project boundary will be maintained through the course of construction. The Project was designed by V.W. Housen Associates. W. R. Forde Associates are the General Contractors performing the work. Veolia North American CPM is providing Construction Management.

The project is located within the Pierson Street and Marina Bay Parkway intersection and extends approximately 200 feet south on Marina Bay Parkway. In addition, a new manhole will be installed on Regatta Blvd, just east of Marina Bay Parkway.

Questions? Contact community outreach/ public information officer Jaqueline Majors at (925) 949-6196 or 

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MB Pkwy FM Project Map