Cannabis Business Permit

Marijuana 6Pursuant to Richmond Municipal Code (RMC} 15.04.610.270 Marijuana - Cannabis Commercial Uses, all commercial cannabis activities, including but not limited to cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution and retail are subject to the standards and procedures of the Municipal Code, State law and regulations set forth in the Zoning ordinance.

Following the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit, for the calendar year of 2021, all commercial cannabis businesses operating within the City of Richmond are required to obtain a Cannabis Business Permit (CBP) for activity defined or licensed by the City and state of California.

A CBP shall be valid for one year or until December 31st each year, unless sooner revoked. No permit granted shall confer any vested right to any person or business for more than the above referenced period.

Cannabis Business Permit Annual Renewal - Applications for the renewal of a CBP shall be filed with the Code Enforcement Division at least 60 calendar days before the expiration of the issued CBP.

The City of Richmond is now accepting applicants for the City's Cannabis Equity Program. The program is intended to support equity applicants to start and/or expand their business. Click here to apply for the Cannabis Equity Program.

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For Planning and Zoning information: Cannabis Business Information

Note: It shall be unlawful for any person as defined by this ordinance to engage in, conduct or carry on, in or upon any premises within the City any commercial cannabis business without a Conditional Use Permit and Cannabis Business Permit (CBP). Failure to obtain proper permits shall result in further enforcement.