Cannabis Business Guide and Toolkit

Commercial Cannabis activities, including but not limited to cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and retail are subject to the standards and procedures of the Municipal Code, State Law, and the regulations set forth in these Zoning Regulations. Click to learn more about 15.04.610.270 - Marijuana/Cannabis Commercial Uses.

Please note that no more than three commercial cannabis retail facilities shall be permitted or allowed to operate in the City. The City has established a competitive selection process in Section 15.04.601.010(I) to objectively award permits for which there are a limited number of permits available, such as for retail facilities. 

There are no limit on the number of commercial cannabis cultivators, distributors, testing laboratories, or manufacturing businesses in the City as long as they obtain valid State and local permits and licenses, including Conditional Use Permit and Cannabis Business Permit from the City of Richmond for each location.

This guide is intended to provide information and help to setting up a business in Richmond.

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  1. 1. Setting up Business Name
  1. 2. Set up Taxes
  1. 3. Finding a Location
  1. 4. Apply for Business License
  1. 5. Workforce and Hiring
  1. 6. Conditional Use Permit
  1. -- Conditional Use Permit Supplemental (Retail Facilities)
  1. -- Conditional Use Permit Supplemental (Manufacturers)
  1. -- Conditional Use Permit Supplemental (Cultivators and Manufacturers)
  1. 7. Cannabis Business Permit Application Process
  1. 8. Cannabis-Specific (STATE) Permits and Licenses
  1. 9. Other Permits & Licenses to Consider
  1. Fees and Taxes to Note
  1. Minimum Standards Related to Operation of Commercial Cannabis Business

Learn more about the minimum standards related to operation of commercial cannabis business by check out Article 15.04.610.270 - Marijuana/Cannabis Commercial Uses.