Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE)


Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE)

  • Joint project of the new Race Forward and the Haas Institute for a Fair & Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley. It is a national network of government agencies focused on achieving racial equity.
  • Equality (sameness) vs Equity (Justice). Equality provides the same resources and opportunities to all, whereas equity recognizes there are institutional and structural barriers and provides everyone with what they need to thrive. 

GARE defines racial equity to mean that “we eliminate racial disproportionalities so that race can no longer be used to predict success, and we increase the success of all communities.” 

GARE's focus is on normalizing conversations about race, operationalizing new policies, practices and organizational cultures, and organizing to achieve racial equity. 

Stop the Senseless Killings Statement

The murder of Mr. George Floyd was senseless and inhumane. It has become common for racism to take the lives or threaten the human rights of Black Americans and people of color. We must stand for justice and change. More...  

Racial Equity for Richmond 

While Richmond believes that all people are created equal and racial makeup should not decide outcomes, we live in a society where race continues to determine life outcomes. The racial disparities that currently exist across all indicators of success arose due to both explicit and implicit racial discrimination on an institutional and structural level. In January 2016, Richmond joined the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) Cohort. GARE provides a pathway for jurisdictions to begin racial equity work and Richmond is excited to partner with other jurisdictions in the Northern California cohort, including Contra Costa County, Berkeley, Marin, San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda County, the Public Utilities Commission and more. Government in general has the potential to leverage significant change in this area. Richmond envisions a city where life expectancies are not years lower than those of surrounding cities, where there is equitable access to resources, and where they, together, can achieve justice.

Richmond Racial Equity Statement

In an effort to improve quality of life and provide fair outcomes for all Richmond residents regardless of race, the City must hold itself accountable to acknowledge and correct disparities caused by a history of inequitable policy decisions. The goal is to integrate a racial equity lens into all city services to foster a healthy and inclusive community for all. 

City of Richmond Racial Equity Resolution

The City Council adopted Resolution 93-18 at the regular meeting of December 4, 2018 in support of systematically applying a racial equity lens in decision-making.

Background and Current Equity Initiatives

By participating in the 2016 GARE cohort, the City of Richmond set the foundation for making the city more equitable in its internal function and community services. Richmond’s interdepartmental GARE team participated in an extensive year-long training program in which city staff worked with organization leaders, Northern California jurisdictions, and civic leaders nationwide to address the complexities of racial equity in a government system. The Richmond community has long strived to achieve racial diversity and inclusiveness in its neighborhoods, workforce, city government, policy decisions, and programs. Now a majority minority community, Richmond--famous for its World War II history and Rosie the Riveter--also boasts being the first large city in the United States to have an African American man as Mayor, George Carroll, who assumed mayoralty in 1964 during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Over the course of several generations, initiatives to empower all Richmond residents have been implemented. The City’s plan to advance racial equity, diversity, and inclusion stems from a desire to ensure that progress in fostering a community benefiting all residents is consistent, strategic, and measurable. It is further important to protect their current assets: a diverse workforce, affordable housing, and accessible community centers throughout Richmond. These assets, along with the following initiatives, must be conserved so they are not compromised or altered. 

The Richmond Race and Equity Team seeks to formulate a taskforce in four areas to address Community Engagement, Training, Data and Contracting and Procurement. The taskforce descriptions provide information on the purpose of each taskforce.

Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership

On October 1, 2020, Healthy Richmond and the City of Richmond Race and Equity team hosted over 60 members of various community based organizations, city government entities, school district leadership, and parent/resident leaders for a half-day online workshop focused on centering resident voice and community leadership for racial equity in the city of Richmond, California. Review the report here...

Additional information about Richmond's race and equity efforts is available via the Richmond GARE brochure and the Race and Equity Team's page on Transparent Richmond. 

The following four goals and action items will guide the process to achieve racial equity in the City of Richmond. Click on the Goal tabs below to review the data for each goal.

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  1. Goal One
  2. Goal Two
  3. Goal Three
  4. Goal Four

Action Items to achieve the goal of city employees understanding and committing to achieving racial equity

  • Develop team structures to advance work
  • Conduct biennial racial equity survey
  • Provide employee trainings
  • Support departments in creating action plans
  • Develop and utilize racial equity tool kit
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